The JANAF system

Supervisory Control System

Newly built supervisory control system enables the condition of the facilities equipment to be monitored and the entire crude oil transportation and storage system to be controlled from the Control Centres at the Sisak and Omišalj Terminals.

SCADA system is based on state-of-the-art technology with respect to automatic control, IT and telecommunications. All locations, terminals, pumping stations, block stations are linked to the SCADA system by means of fibre optic cable laid down along the entire pipeline route.

Besides enabling the automated operation of the facilities and the safety functions, and therefore both reliable and efficient facilities operation, SCADA has also additional functions for the purpose of increasing the operation safety and efficiency, such as highly sophisticated parts for pipeline leakage detection and for monitoring and planning batches and scraper/pig runs, as well as on-line and off-line simulator of the pipeline operation, serving for the transportation planning and personnel training.