JANAF Plc. and corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility represents a voluntary and positive activity both in the society and towards the society. The term involves all relations which the company makes through its activities, environmental protection, employment and care of its employees as well as investing into the community and respecting human and labour rights.

Being guided by corporate social responsibility, JANAF has based its business activities on transparency, communication and dialogue with interest groups, paying special attention to the education of its employees, technological development and environmental protection in particular. This attitude has proven to be an important factor in the further development and functioning of the company, its prosperity and balancing business and economic goals for the benefit of the community.

In today’s business world, corporate social responsibility is the foundation of acceptable and the only right relationship between the company and the community in which the company operates.

Accordingly, JANAF tries to be a good neighbour and true partner, which is obvious from the attention it pays to the community, especially local, through the territory of which the pipeline route runs. One of the ways to have a business-friendly relationship with the local community is to provide help through financing projects of general use for the community no matter if it is a civic association project, a sports club or any other important cultural or humanitarian event. This support from the local community is an important foundation for good business results, success in achieving goals and a better placement on the capital market.


Applying for support

You may send your applications for support to the Corporate Communications e-mail address: info@janaf.hr or by post mail to the Company‘s address.

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