Environmental protection and safety

The JANAF pipeline system has been designed, constructed, controlled and upgraded in compliance with world standards and legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

The system’s safe operation and the environmental protection objectives are guaranteed by:

  • selection and implementation of optimal technical solutions and of the system’s operational properties;
  • use of high-quality materials and equipment, pipes of optimal wall thickness (calculated on the basis of the established categorization of the soil through which the pipeline runs), block valves on the pipeline system route for the purpose of closing down particular line sections;
  • implementation and functioning of the wastewater treatment and drainage system;
  • construction of waterproof protective basins to accept accidentally spilt oil from tanks;
  • use of sea protection measures: slop tanks, floating booms, air bubble barrier, hydrocarbon detectors, etc.
  • installation and operation (if necessary) of a pressure relief facility with the accompanying tank, for the purpose of protecting the downstream pipeline section in cases of excessive pressure;
  • installation of the supervisory control system;
  • performance of corrosion protection;
  • waste management according to the principles of economy and environmental protection;
  • systematic handling of noise-related issues;
  • preventive and emergency maintenance of the equipment and installations;
  • pipeline route monitoring;
  • organized response in case of accidents (possibly resulting in pollution), according to intervention and other plans, depending on the degree of pollution and the level of actions (local, county, or state), and so on;
  • checking the emergency equipment and system operation, as well as the level of personnel competence;
  • performing the pipeline system integrity inspection, according to world standards;
  • keeping up-to-date with new procedures, technologies, equipment and regulations from the area of environmental protection and their application;
  • cooperation with competent authorities and companies both in the country and abroad.

The so far pipeline system operation of JANAF Plc. and the performed thorough environmental protection review of the system have confirmed the proper planning and implementation of the pipeline system of JANAF Plc., its high-quality construction, as well as its proper operation, maintenance and control.

Given the new knowledge, technological development and legal requirements, additional system controls are being performed (and the necessary steps given the obtained results undertaken), and the system modernized, in view of increased operation safety, risk reduction, and environmental protection.

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