Energy charter and the inogate program

The business operation and development of JANAF Plc. is under the impact of the international commitments the Republic of Croatia has taken over regarding the conditions of energy transportation, terms of foreign investments, energy trading and the like.

In 1997, the Croatian Parliament has ratified the Energy Charter Treaty, stipulating the principle of free access to energy infrastructure capacities, encouraging further integration of JANAF Plc. into the European oil pipeline network and oil transportation from distant areas rich in oil to the European consumers. Such connection is additionally encouraged by Croatia’s joining the INOGATE program (Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe) as of September, 1999, as well as the ratification of the Umbrella Agreement on Institutional Framework for the Establishment of Interstate Oil and Gas Transportation Systems (in 2000). The main objectives of INOGATE are the development of regional co-operation as a means of increasing peace stability and safety in Southeastern Europe; attraction and protection of investments for reconstruction and expansion of oil and gas pipeline transportation network from East to West and the establishment of a proper institutional framework in the FSU, Central and Eastern European countries, which will be transparent to the one in market economies.