Certificates at JANAF Plc.

Taking into consideration the mission, the goals and the core values of JANAF Plc., it is important to emphasise a key component in organising and managing the business according to both global economic principles and ISO standards and specification requirements. The ISO abbreviation stands for the international federation of national standardisation organisations, in charge of preparation, adoption and publishing in compliance with the international standards.

The certification of the management system at JANAF Plc. was performed in keeping with the current global trend of joining the requirements which include the following:

The business strategy also includes intensive preparation of business processes in accordance with the international Standard for social accountability SA 8000, which is based on the principles of a series of international standards in the field of human rights, as defined by the conventions of International Labour Organisation (ILO), UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

By doing business in compliance with the requirements of the aforementioned standards and specification, JANAF Plc. tends to constantly improve the quality of its business, to care about both customers of its services and environmental, health and safety protection. By implementing and maintaining the ISO standards, JANAF Plc. not only endorses the legally prescribed standards, but also sets the higher criteria and sistematically monitors its business activities.